Celebration :: Revelation

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church on 11/10/2019 by Pastor Steve Shields

I would guess that if you asked one hundred people to describe The Book of Revelation in one word, not one of them would choose the word “celebration”.

And yet, you find heaven rejoicing over and over as the book unfolds.

Likewise, while some may call communion a “celebration,” most don’t have a celebratory attitude when they receive the elements in the Lord’s Supper.

But celebration is an integral part of our Christian experience.

This podcast helps us see this and, perhaps, offers hearts a new perspective on some ancient subjects.

What Jesus Says at Communion

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on August 4, 2019 by Pastor Steve Shields

The New Testament is packed full of information about that first communion — the Last Supper. Matthew treats is somewhat concisely, spending only 11 verses on the actual meal.

What does he tell us? He tells us that Jesus says three things to the disciples.

And, as this podcast indicates, he says the same kinds of things to us today.