From Envy to Contentment :: Transitions

Presented at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields on 6/23/2019

You may have read this in the news this week.

A 4-year-old boy wanted some candy hopped into his great-grandfather’s SUV. Along the mile-and-a-half journey, with eyes barely able to see over the steering wheel, Sebastian cruised the neighborhood streets before making a left turn onto a busy four-lane. He took out some mailboxes and did some damage to a tree. But in the end, he arrived at the candy store just in time to be greeted by the police.

I like stories like that. Until I think about what might have happened. And then, I kind of agree with the great-grandfather.

It could’ve been very serious.
He could’ve hit a car.
He wasn’t wearing a seat belt.
We could be talking about a funeral.

A car in the hands of a child is a scary thing.

It’s a dangerous thing.

In this podcast, I suggest to you that we allow something of that dangerous level in our lives – something that can kill.

That “something” is envy.

If we respond correctly to God’s word, we can transition from envy to contentment.

–Pastor Steve