Some of Our Stories – Real God, Real Life, Real People : PODCAST

Presented on October 9, 2016 at Curwensville Alliance

Several years ago, some people at Curwensville Alliance verbalized our identity, as a people.

The words they came up with: Real God — Real Life — Real People


This past Sunday the Elders at Curwensville Alliance shared their stories with the people — just as they do when taking in members. It was great to hear how a Real God enters into their Real Lives and influences them as Real People.

NOTE: It’s important to these men that those listening understand that they are NOT holding themselves up as models of what it means to follow Jesus; rather, they are simply sharing their stories in the hopes that others may be encouraged as they follow Jesus.

May you find encouragement as you listen to the stories of Jim Bell, Dave Clark, Josh Tkacik, and Jeff Spaid.