PODCAST: Back to School Sermon – THRIVING

Presented on 8/21/2016 by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance Church

We all like to “play the blame game.”

I don’t get to start because the coach doesn’t like my dad.

My grade is low because the teacher hates girls.

I can’t stop doing this because my parents didn’t….

But playing the blame game only brings benefit for the short term. It gets us out from under the spotlight for a moment, but it never solves the problem — because often the problem isn’t the coach or the teacher or your parents. Often the problem is how you respond to those things.

In this podcast, Pastor Steve helps us see how to thrive when the odds are stacked against us — like they were for a man named Daniel.


Take a listen — and see if you can make some spiritual adjustments and begin to thrive in circumstances that are not your ideal.