SERMON: So, you want to be someone?

Presented April 18. 2010

It’s playoffs season in the National Hockey League. If you know hockey, you know the phrase, “The Great One.” Even if you don’t know hockey, if you Google, “The Great One,” the first entry that comes up is a hockey player named Wayne Gretzky. Upon his retirement in 1999, he held forty regular-season records, fifteen playoff records, and six All-Star records. He is the only NHL player to total over 200 points in one season — a feat he accomplished four times. Gretzky is so revered that his jersey number, 99, has been retired by all teams in the National Hockey League.

Whenever you say “The Great One,” hockey fans think Gretzky. Because, in hockey, greatness is measured in points.

The question I have is this: How is greatness measured in the kingdom of God?

The attached sermon podcast addresses this question from Jesus’ perspective in Matthew 20.