Finding Goodness – 1st Sunday of Advent :: PODCAST

Presented by at Curwensville Alliance Church on 12/3/2017 by Pastor Steve Shields

If you read the news, you find lots of stories that might lead you toward despair. From international conflict to political one-ups-man-ship to corporate greed to abuses of every kind.

And when you’re confronted by that, you may wonder whatever happened to goodness. Where can you find it?

You can find goodness in a man named Joseph. And, looking into his life, you can find goodness in yourself.

Your sense of morality and your ability to do good come from God’s image in you and Christ’s redeeming death for you.

This podcast talks about how.



PODCAST: Can You Trust Your Conscience?

Presented 8/17/204 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve

We have an alarm in our basement to do two things: To call me if the electricity goes off so that I can find supplemental power for the sump pump and to call me if the water gets too high – in the case that the sump pump itself fails. This is important, because when the pump has failed in the past, it damaged the carpet and the furniture. And the water that came in smelled like – at best, a pond or swamp, at worst…. Never mind.

The alarm has called me many times to tell me the electricity is off. But it’s never called to say the water’s too high. A year or two ago I decided to test it. During a hard rain, I turned off the sump pump and let the water rise. Guess what… It didn’t call me. It failed.

That’s a problem, right? You want an alarm to go off when something is wrong.

You have an alarm in your head. It tells you when you are in danger of doing something wrong. It tells you when you are about to do something you may – or will – regret. It keeps you from harming yourself, injuring another, and bringing grief to God.

It’s called your conscience. But it doesn’t always work.

In this podcast I am talking about how we, as Christians, can discern right from wrong.
~Pastor Steve