PODCAST: LifeBuilding – Building a Life of Purpose

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 7/17/2016 by Pastor Steve Shields

While in high school, I was visiting a friend in his home. As I stood there, I said, “There’s something odd about this house.”

He replied, without looking up, “There’s a house trailer in here somewhere.”

And sure enough. The place started out as a trailer – and then they built a porch onto it that became a room and another room and another room and another room. That’s pragmatic. It’s ingenious. But few people would say that it’s the best way to build a house.

Good houses take lots of planning.


So do good lives.

If you are intentional about how you build, you’ll be pleased in the end. If you are not, you may come to the end of your life feeling like you cheated yourself.

In this podcast, as we think of what kind of lives we are building, I want to ask you to consider building a life of purpose.

~Pastor Steve


PODCAST: Why are we here? Relationships?

Presented at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields on 2//1/2015

One of my favorite things about our Youth Ministry, VELOCITY, is the relationships that are built. Not just the ones among the teens, but the ones among the workers — the adults. To see them laughing together and to hear them talking of one another with fondness — it’s a delight to anyone who loves.

The book of Titus closes with what many Bible scholars refer to as “housekeeping” — details about things that need to be done to facilitate ministry. These verses speak of how the church interacts together. They speaks of the relationships in the early church — relationships through which we fulfill our purpose in life.

Are you looking for meaning in life? Maybe this podcast is just for you.



SERMON: Christmas Is a Time for End-Zone Celebrations

Presented 12/16/2012

There’s a dark side to Christmas. It’s not recorded in Matthew or Mark or Luke. John doesn’t cover it in his gospel account, but when John was in heaven, he saw it. And he recorded it for us in Revelation 12:1-5.

We don’t talk about that side of Christmas too often, but we should. We should because unless there is a cost there is little reason for appreciation. You appreciate that which comes with a cost.

When you realize the cost, you appreciate the sacrifice. And you have great reason to rejoice. And that celebration — like a touchdown in the middle of a football game — can spark hope and purpose for the future.

This podcast explains the end-zone dance done outside of Bethlehem by a host of heaven’s angels, giving us hope and purpose.