PODCAST: Parenting as a Ministry

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 6/15/2014

There are a lot of different ministries given to people. I am in pastoral ministry. We might say that missionaries have ministries of church-planting or evangelism. Ministries such as these are specialized. We used to call them full-time ministry, but that term seems to imply that the rest are not full-time or at least not important.

I feel that every Christian has a ministry — or better, ministries. There are certain things in this world that God has for each of us to do; and each of us is just the right person to do them,

All God-given ministries are important and should be taken seriously. For example, a counseling ministry. I thank God for godly counselors in my life and in the lives of others. And the ministry of encouragement — wow — who doesn’t see how vital that role is?

In this podcast, I am talking about the importance of parenting as a ministry. As you listen to it, ask God to speak to your heart about, not just parenting, but how you “minister” in any relationship where you have influence.
~Pastor Steve


Podcast: Guarding Your Heart

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 3/30/2014 by Josh Tkacik

heartThe author of Proverbs warns us to guard our hearts — keep ingan eye on what’s going on inside of us.

While Pastor Steve was in Russia, Josh Tkacik spoke concerning the guarding our our hearts, explaining our need to look deep inside and keep our souls healthy.

Thanks, Josh, for sharing your own heart — helping us learn to guard ours.



SERMON: You’re not just a parent — you’re a DISCIPLER

Presented 1/13/2012

When children enter the life of a couple, one of the many things they bring is a new sense of identity and responsibility. I remember early on, talking to Laurel about how overwhelmed I felt, knowing this little baby was now completely dependent on me.

What no one made clear to me was that my responsibility included discipleship of my children. And it’s not like discipleship is an add-on that I may have to do. I’ve come to realize it’s a primary function of parenthood.

If you’re wondering about your role in discipling your children, this podcast is for you.