What about these Longings I Have? :: PODCAST

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on Palm Sunday – 4/9/2017

Millionaires seldom smile. That’s what Andrew Carnegie said.


It’s probably because we are longing for something more — something beyond this world.

This Palm Sunday podcast speaks of our longings and addresses finding some satisfaction to things we long for most.


PODCAST: Life’s Difficult Terrain

Presented 3/20/2016

The Bible is full of parallels. For example, many people have observed how the biblical story of the people of Israel seems to parallel their own life. It’s almost unnerving, when you take note of it.

And many of us have found ourselves identifying with biblical characters along the way. With Peter or with Martha or with David or with Mary.

This podcast suggests that Jesus’ journey from The Mount of Olives to The Temple Mount is a journey that our lives, in very small ways, parallel.


As you listen, notice how important it is to have Jesus accompanying you on your own journey.


PODCAST: Compassionate Hearts

Presented at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields on Palm Sunday, 3/29/2015

How old were you when you realized your eyes had the ability to adjust to the amount of light in the room you were in? I would guess I was in about third or fourth grade when a teacher explained the concept of our pupils contract and dilate depending on the volume of light they encounter. It doesn’t take long.

Taking that idea and applying it to our hearts — our spiritual hearts — it’s easy to see that our hearts can become familiar and comfortable with a certain amount of spiritual light or spiritual darkness. It doesn’t take long. And living in the fallen world we inhabit, it’s more likely we become acclimated to the darkness, rather than the light.

This happens to me. My heart becomes less responsive to things I encounter.

The following podcast takes three episodes from the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry, helping us see how these things moved the heart of Jesus, and how they can move ours as well.
~Pastor Steve