HELL? How Can You Believe In Hell? :: PODCAST

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields on 10/16/2016 at Curwensville Alliance Church


In preparing this sermon, I realized that our yearly International Ministries Festival is coming up, so I wanted to talk to people about that kind of work, but frankly, I was out of things to say! I’ve been preaching the “Sunday before Missions Festival Sermon” for 30 years.

And I’ve used a bunch of approaches:

  • Do missions to share what you have received.
  • Do missions out of love for people.
  • Do missions because people need the Lord.
  • Do missions because the time is now.
  • Do missions because the fields are white unto harvest.
  • Do missions because God has opened a great door of opportunity.
  • Do missions out of raw obedience.

I was out of ideas.

That got me thinking about one of the more basic reason we do international ministries: We do missions because people without Jesus are lost — because we don’t want people to go to hell.

Hell is an embarrassing doctrine to some Christians. This podcast helps us overcome that so that we can influence people toward life — worldwide.


PODCAST: The Love of God in… Jonah?

Presented 2/16/2015 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve

Often, we miss the point of things that are presented to us. Take this video as an example.

Where were you, in the video, when you realized what they were selling? The end, huh? It’s that way with the Book of Jonah. The drama is so good that, like this commercial, it can eclipse the message.

This podcast clarifies the message of Jonah, showing the conflict between the way God loves and the way humankind loves.


The story of Jonah is as important to our generation as it has been to any before.


PODCAST: Back to School – Sharing what you Value

Presented on 8/31/2014 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Steve Shields, Pastor

Matt Chandler pointed out something that I’ve always observed — we share whatever we value. My wife values good health, so she shares vegetables with the family. I value good music, so I share the Beatles with friends. We value Jesus, so we share him with everyone.

When you go to school or the workplace, you’re often encouraged to keep your faith to yourself. Is this right? How can you share your joy in that kind of system? This Back to School Sermon speaks of how we can share our faith positively and effectively.