Who Told You God what God Is Like? :: PODCAST

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church on 6/18/2017 by Pastor Steve

Every now and then you still hear someone make a statement that begins with the words, “The God I believe in….” as though there are lots of different God’s and we get to pick one or we get to create one. It’s been a while since I’ve heard or read those leading words, so I am guessing people finally get it — we can’t decide what God is like any more than we can decide what any other being is like.

So the new question becomes, “How do we learn what God really is like?” And the answer some might give can be harmful to their health. Most people develop their perception of God based on their relationship with authority figures in their life.

And often, our earthly father plays a major role in this.

In this podcast, Pastor Steve looks at Mary’s perception of God, and suggests that we’d be wise to rethink the image of God we’ve developed through our relationships and look to a biblical model.

If we do this, chances are, we will be much healthier in the way we see ourselves, the way we relate to others, and the way we feel about God.


Meaningful Worship :: PODCAST

Presented at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields on 6/11/2017

Because of the Internet, human beings can learn to do almost anything.

Pinterest can teach you to make a flowerpot out of a dishwasher. And YouTube can teach you to to rebuild the carburetor on your lawn mower.

The Internet can address just about any need you have. But where do you learn to fill your need to worship — to worship well? 

You can learn to do that without the Internet. You can learn to worship meaningfully from the Bible. Through it’s teaching and it’s example, God’s word teaches us to thrive, spiritually, and worship is an important part of that.

In this podcast, Pastor Steve discusses the example of Jesus’ mother, Mary, and how she can serve as an example to us.