Responding To Correction :: PODCAST

Presented on September 10, 2017 by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance

Have you ever seen someone doing something that was unproductive, offered a suggestion to help them, and been rebuffed? It happens to all of us. 

Do you know why that happens to all of us? Because all of us do it. None of us, by our own nature, like to be corrected.

This podcast speaks about how to overcome this tendency and become better in the process.


Who, Exactly, Is Jesus? :: PODCAST

Presented on 2/5/2017 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

What’s the most important element in Christianity? Is it the Bible? The details of creation? the Ten Commandments?

According to the Bible, the cornerstone of Christian faith is Jesus. But who is he? Watching television specials regarding him can be a bit misinforming, at best. But the Bible is really helpful in shining light onto the nature of Jesus

This podcast looks at specific Bible passages and uncovers the identity of Jesus. And in doing so, the podcast helps us live more meaningfully.



PODCAST: LifeBuilding – a Life of Holiness

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 7/3/2016 by Pastor Steve Shields

Everyone who has a modicum of health in their soul admires people like Billy Graham and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. From what we can see, they’ve lived lives that are admirable and worthy of imitation. Lives of faith. Lives of love. Lives of holiness.

Something I don’t generally think about is this: They didn’t live those lives by accident. They were intentional about what they did — about how they lived.

In this series we are talking about what kind of lives we are building. This podcast speaks of building a life of Holiness. Listen in. You might find it more appealing than you’d expect.