You’re Welcome at the Table

Presented by Pastor Steve (with Jenna Witherite and Drew Stoddart presenting music) on 11/20/2017 at Curwensville Alliance

This week is Thanksgiving. A week where most of us share a meal with family and friends around a table.

There’s something about gathering around a table. It connects us in ways that little else can.

Maybe that’s why Jesus used a table.

Maybe that’s why Jesus invites us to a table.

This podcast speaks about God’s perspective on tables, and invites you to join Him there.

The special music is from Jenna Witherite and Drew Stoddart. 

used by permission ccli# 1841267


PODCAST: Got Longings?

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 11/22/2015

Have you ever had that feeling of desire for something very specific? It happens pretty frequently in our house.

STEVE: I’m feeling kind of like a snack.
LAUREL: How about some cheese and crackers?
STEVE: Nah. I’m hungry for something specific. I just can’t think of what.
LAUREL: How about some veggies?
STEVE: Uh-uh. I am never hankerin’ for veggies, Honey.
LAUREL: Do you want a sandwich?
STEVE: Hmm…. No.
LAUREL: Chocolate?
STEVE: THAT’S IT! (with the enthusiasm of Lucy, when she recognizes Jingle-bells and bowls Schroeder over.)

Sometimes we have very specific hungers — very specific desires — many of which are God-given.

Some hungers we have come when we begin to see the greatness of God’s grace toward us. This Podcast helps you address such longings.



PODCAST: You Can Find Healing in the Gospel

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church on 8/24/2014 by Pastor Steve

At Curwensville Alliance we have talked about how the gospel can save you. It’s by the work of Jesus, dying in our place, that we are spared the wrath of God. That’s generally where people stop, when they think of the gospel. The gospel saves us.

But thanks to some teaching from Matt Chandler in the Explicit Gospel Video Series, we have seen, with fresh eyes, how the gospel helps us along the path of personal purity (holiness and sanctification). The gospel not only saves us, the gospel sanctifies us.

At this point, the wheels in the heads of Alliance folk get to turning at an accelerated rate. We talk about The Fourfold Gospel, that Christ is our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. If it’s the gospel that saves us and sanctifies us, could we say also that the gospel heals us?

Take a listen to the audio below to see how the gospel heals.

Pastor Steve says this sermon may be one of the most heart-felt sermons he’s ever given. May you find healing in the gospel through the truth here.