PODCAST: Parenting as a Ministry

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 6/15/2014

There are a lot of different ministries given to people. I am in pastoral ministry. We might say that missionaries have ministries of church-planting or evangelism. Ministries such as these are specialized. We used to call them full-time ministry, but that term seems to imply that the rest are not full-time or at least not important.

I feel that every Christian has a ministry — or better, ministries. There are certain things in this world that God has for each of us to do; and each of us is just the right person to do them,

All God-given ministries are important and should be taken seriously. For example, a counseling ministry. I thank God for godly counselors in my life and in the lives of others. And the ministry of encouragement — wow — who doesn’t see how vital that role is?

In this podcast, I am talking about the importance of parenting as a ministry. As you listen to it, ask God to speak to your heart about, not just parenting, but how you “minister” in any relationship where you have influence.
~Pastor Steve


SERMON: Discovering Personal Holiness

Presented June 21, 2009

As we come upon Fathers’ Day, most of us take a moment to recall our fathers. My father was like many – he had lots of good character qualities. And he had some areas of his life where he could have improved. Patience was not one of his strengths. That’s probably why I never became a fisherman. But one of the strengths my father had was that he was a good man.

Some time ago that phrase, “he’s a good man” entered my daughter’s vocabulary. She would talk about professors at college and say, “Dad – you’d really like him. He’s a good man.” One day she was talking about Jim Bell and she said, “He’s a good man.” Then it happened…. Continue reading