What about these Longings I Have? :: PODCAST

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on Palm Sunday – 4/9/2017

Millionaires seldom smile. That’s what Andrew Carnegie said.


It’s probably because we are longing for something more — something beyond this world.

This Palm Sunday podcast speaks of our longings and addresses finding some satisfaction to things we long for most.


PODCAST: Where Do Christians Go Upon Death?

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 9/6/2015

Recently a friend of mine whose mother had died stopped by the house. “Steve,” he said, “Where’s my mom now?” Naturally, I knew he wasn’t asking where she was buried. He was asking a common question: “Where do Christians go when they die?”

This podcast addresses this important topic, explaining why God tells us about such things.


PODCAST: Christmas Promises It’s Gonna Be Alright

Presented 12/22/2013

After Pastor Steve presented this message in the first service, a woman came to him and said, “Your sermon — It’s gonna be alright — is my husband’s life-motto. For example, when he had his heart attack, he said, ‘I’m having a little trouble. You’ll need to take me to the hospital. But it’s gonna be alright.’ When the ER told him he had a brain tumor be said, ‘Don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright.’ When he went into surgery for his brain tumor, you know what he said? ‘It’s gonna be alright.'”

You can be sure that such words from her husband were reassuring to her, and helped her through innumerable difficulties in life. It’s good to have someone tell you, “It’s gonna be alright.”

In Isaiah 11, that’s what God says. And in saying this, he points his people to Christmas.

If you ever wonder if it’s gonna be alright, listen to this podcast.