PODCAST: Got Longings?

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 11/22/2015

Have you ever had that feeling of desire for something very specific? It happens pretty frequently in our house.

STEVE: I’m feeling kind of like a snack.
LAUREL: How about some cheese and crackers?
STEVE: Nah. I’m hungry for something specific. I just can’t think of what.
LAUREL: How about some veggies?
STEVE: Uh-uh. I am never hankerin’ for veggies, Honey.
LAUREL: Do you want a sandwich?
STEVE: Hmm…. No.
LAUREL: Chocolate?
STEVE: THAT’S IT! (with the enthusiasm of Lucy, when she recognizes Jingle-bells and bowls Schroeder over.)

Sometimes we have very specific hungers — very specific desires — many of which are God-given.

Some hungers we have come when we begin to see the greatness of God’s grace toward us. This Podcast helps you address such longings.