Living Fearlessly :: PODCAST

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance Church on 1/7/2018

What are you afraid of?

I know people, mostly guys, who insist they are afraid of nothing. That’s ludicrous. They’re afraid to admit their fear. Losing loved ones, employment, status, health — if you’re not afraid of losing such things you aren’t thinking.

In Matthew 10, Jesus clearly told his disciples that there were things dangers ahead — but he told them not to fear.


Because, often, fear is a matter of how you see things. And in Matthew 10, Jesus gives them a better way to view the world.

If you view the world the way Jesus viewed it, you don’t have to live in fear.

This podcast helps us adopt Jesus’ viewpoint.


Leave the Bitter; Take the Sweet :: New Years PODCAST

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields on 12/31/2017 at Curwensville Alliance Church

New Year’s Eve has always been an odd thing to me.

There’s no real holiday to celebrate, as on Independence Day or Christmas. It’s just a seemingly arbitrary demarcation we use to count our trips around the sun.

However, there is wisdom in marking the passing of time. 

Part of that wisdom is a matter of looking back and looking forward. Something we tend to do at New Year’s. Something we should do consistently.

When you look back at your life, I am sure you see some memories that are less-than-happy. And I am sure you see others that are sweet. Which of these do you want to mark your life, going forward?

In this podcast, I discuss leaving the bitter behind and taking the sweet ahead with you — into the future.
– Pastor Steve


Responding to God Wisely – Advent :: PODCAST

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on Christmas Eve Day — December 24, 2017

While we live in a world that compartmentalizes everything, we tend to resist it when people try to put us in compartments. No one likes to be labeled. We prize our individuality, but we dislike it when others note it.

But chances are, there are some religious categories you fit into, whether you think about it or not.

In this podcast, Pastor Steve identifies three categories of people in the Christmas story, and helps us identify which category we are in — and which category we wish to be in.