Now What?! :: PODCAST

Presented on 4/30/2017 at Curwensville Alliance by Rev. Bernie Knefley.

Do you find yourself a bit troubled by events in your life? Find yourself asking, “Now what?!” more often than you’d like?

From Bernie’s “Think About It” Email Letter:

Sometimes, when we’re going through those “Now what?” moments we actually miss the point. Take the case of the disciples. Jesus had been crucified, and then he rose from the dead. You’d think that they’d be excited and really pumped for what was to be next, but instead they were focused on the same old thing. They wanted to know if He was now going to free them from the Roman occupation and establish His Kingdom. Quite frankly they were missing the point. In fact what Jesus told them was that it wasn’t any of their concern. The only thing they were to do was WAIT for the power of the Holy Spirit to come, (Acts 1:1-8). So why were the disciples missing the point? Was it because they had their eyes focused on earthly things and not heavenly things? Is it because they were only focused upon themselves and couldn’t understand that they were players in a larger eternal destiny? Too often, when we have those “Now what?” moments we only focus on ourselves. Sometimes we see ourselves as the victim. As a victim we see things as having been done to us. What would happen if we started to see things as happening for us instead of to us? What would happen if we could look past the earthly situation and see things in the scope of eternity? One of the things that will happen is that we will find that in the scope of eternity many of those situations will become very very small. Remember the story of Joseph? He was the guy whose brothers threw him in a well and then sold him into slavery. Things didn’t get better for Joseph. In fact he eventually found himself falsely accused and thrown into prison. I’m sure that he had a lot of time to reflect on what was happening to him. But listen to what he says to his brothers many years later, “But don’t be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives.” (Genesis 45:5). Why could he do this? I believe that it was because he had his eyes on eternal consequences rather than earthly situations. Perhaps what you’re going through right now is more about an eternal consequence than rather just the earthly situation. Think about it.

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Thanks, Bernie Knefley, for filling in for Pastor Steve this week.